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CA. Bhat Shivaram Shankar
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My Dear Esteemed Members,


The roots of human motivation lay in cultural values.  As the globalization takes place, the complexities of management whether in government system or commercial undertaking have to be not only multinational but also multicultural. The need to study other cultures arises. So a study of management principles that flow therefrom being a necessary prerequisite for globalized management system. Management is about making the exchange of cultural values efficient and effective. When there are decent exchange, relationships will thrive and society will prosper. That is the direction in which the first hymn of the Veda takes us. There is a lot to learn about the Vedic Human Resource Management Philosophy.

 The Vedic view of life is based on the idea that man is an integral part of the global family- Vasudhaevakutumbakam वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम्. Vedic wisdom fosters the idea of integrating ethics, awareness, responsible behavior and good governance in management education through experiential learning, mentoring, dialogues, spiritual discipline, cognitive learning, observation and reflection.

 The Vedic management path lays a strong foundation of moral conduct. There are ten general rules of moral conduct. The first five rules of conduct are for external purity, called the Yamas

       1.      Satyas - Truthfulness

       2.      Ahimsa - Non-injury to others and treating all beings with respect

       3.      Asteya - No cheating or stealing

       4.      Brahmacharya - celibacy and

       5.      Aparighara - No selfish accumulation of resources for one’s own purpose. 

       The next five rules of conduct are for internal purification, called the Niyamas

       1.      Shaucha- Cleanliness and purity of mind and body

       2.      Tapas - Austerity and perseverance  

       3.      Swadhyay -Self study or self observation     

       4.      Santosh -Contentment 

       5.      Ishvara -Acceptance of the Supreme.

Unless the moral is deeply   built in, any stringent corporate policies, laws and regulations we bring in, can become in effective. Corporate ethics towards employees also should be built on the foundation of strong moral and ethical values.

Veda also identifies ten essential leadership qualities to be considered for selecting a leader. These are :

1 .      Dhriti - Firmness or fortitude,

       2.      Kshama- Forgiveness, no ego,

       3.      Dama - Self Control,

       4.      Asteya- Refraining from stealing or dishonesty,

       5.      Shauch -Purity,

       6.      Indriyanigraha - Control over the senses,

       7.      Dhih - Intellect,

       8.      Vidya - knowledge,

       9.      Satyam-  Truth and

       10.   Akrodhah -Absence of anger.

The Guru Kula system of education was bringing the above qualities by practice. Even in todays’ modern world, these qualities are very much required for a successful leader and those in the managerial positions, decision making positions, policy making positions.

The Veda also identifies need of Excellence at work.

Excellence means “perfection”. As one approaches perfection in one’s work, one approach to excellence. One can attain excellence or perfection through his/her actions. Lord Krishna says, ‘‘excellence in action (karma) is Yoga. “योगकर्मसु कौशलम्’’. The dictionary meaning of excellence is ‘‘Quality of the highest order’’  Bhagwad Gita is like a complete guide to enhance the efficiency and the effectiveness of employees to achieve the desired goals by disseminating the views like changing the weaknesses into strengths of the individual (क्षुद्रं हृदय दौर्बल्यं त्य्क्त्व उत्तिष्ठ परन्तप), perseverance to achieve perfection (Tapas)  sharing responsibilities,  collaborative work (saha veeryam karavaavahai) selecting right person in the team ( Ayogyah purusho naasti, yojakah tatra durlabhah), aware about the challenges in the job environment, the need of charismatic leader who inspire, energize and counsel in dilemma and also initiate to know ground realities ( Guru). Bhagwad Gita strikes social agreement in the Working–Equilibrium through the thoughts and conducts, goals and success, plans and accomplishment, products and markets.

In Ramayana, Rama, after giving his paaduka to Bharatha advises Bharatha about the importance of employee management and their remuneration etc. He says, employees should be respected and their wages should be paid before their sweat gets dried. The Vedic management philosophy, the business ethics and the  code of conduct hold good in today’s modern world, but, unfortunately, our modern professional ethics are changing from time to time because, it is not built on the fundamentals of human values (Maanava dharma). We need to rebuild our professional ethics in the light of Vedic wisdom to avoid frequent changes.

 Major Programs successfully completed in the month of October 2019:

1.      Kalaa Kruti - Kannada Rajyotsava : In order to commemorate the richness and grandeur of our culture, Half day Program 3rd year “Kalaa Kruti” - Kannada Rajyotsava was being organized  on 02nd  November 2019.  Among other sessions, very unique and intellectual programs including Astaavadhana was a memorable event for the first time in the history of our Branch. It was a full house session and was a grand success. I thank young Astaavadhan, Shri Ganesh Bhat Koppalathota and his team.

 Vidwath Sabha: One Day Seminar on Anti Money Laundering Laws & the Interplay with the Income Tax Act, 1961 was organized on Friday, 8th November 2019. It was a grand success. I thanks all the speakers for their valuation contributions.

  Vidwath Sabha : Half Day Seminar on Vedic Mathematics (Application in CA Profession) was cancelled at the last minute due to Supreme Court’ verdict on Ayodhya dispute. We regret for the inconvenience caused in this regard. We are planning to reschedule the program in due course again. We thank members for your co-operation in this regard.

Neeti Sabha: A Special One Day Seminar on Awareness on Code of Ethics – 2009 vs 2019 was organized under the aegis of Ethical Standards Board of ICAI on 16th November 2019 . Since our code of Ethics are changing, this was a very relevant and successful program. I thank all the speakers for their excellent sessions. 

 Vidwath Sabha : Half Day Summit for Young Chartered Accountants was organized jointly with CPA Australia on 15th November 2019. Many members got benefited from this program. My sincere thanks to all the speakers.

 Vidwath Sabha : Half day seminar on Cyber Law and Technology to mitigate the risk was held on 27th November 2016 and was a grand success with good attendance of members. My special thanks to both the speakers and members.

  Visharada: Two Day Workshop on Practical approach and important aspects of Companies Act 2013 & Amendment Act 2017 was organized under the aegis of Corporate Laws & Corporate Governance Committee on Friday & Saturday, 29th & 30th November 2019 and was a grand success. I thank all the speakers and members for their overwhelming response.

 Cricket Match with IRS Officers: We had cricket match with IRS officers on 3rd November 2019 in Alur Ground and I am happy to inform to you that, our Branch’s Team has won the Nutan Wodeyar rolling trophy consecutively for the 3rd year. My heart felt thanks to all the team members and CA. Raveendra S Kore, Vice-Chairman in particular for spear heading the sports.

Dear Members, your active participation is the source of inspiration for us to conduct more and more programs. We request to you to early register for the programs using online / mobile app facilities and allow us to serve you better.

We expect continued support and cooperation for the upcoming programs also.

 Major upcoming programs in the month of December 2019.

1.      Vidwath Sabha: One Day Seminar on Litigation Practice under Direct and Indirect Tax Laws is being organized on Friday, 6th December 2019 at S. Narayanan Auditorium, ICIA Bhavan. We request Members to register online and get benefitted. Details are presented elsewhere in this newsletter

 Mahila Sabha: A One Day Women CAs Conference is being organized on Saturday 7th December 2019 at Hotel Chancery Pavilion. We request Women CAs to participate in large numbers and get benefitted. Details are presented elsewhere in this newsletter. We solicit your presence to grace the occasion.

  Visharada : One Day Workshop on Practical aspects of Insolvency Bankruptcy Code 2016 and Amendment Bill, 2019 is being organized on Friday, 13th December 2019. Details are presented elsewhere in this newsletter. We solicit your gracious presence.

  Vidwath Sabha : One Day Seminar on Engagement  & Quality Control Standards – Practical Examples is being organized on Saturday, 14th December 2019. Details are presented elsewhere in this newsletter. We would like to have your active participation.

 One Day Seminar on Internal Auditing Standards is being organized by Internal Audit Standards Board of ICAI on Monday, 16th December 2019 at Hotel Taj Westend, Details are presented in this newsletter elsewhere. Online registration is open and we are eagerly looking forward for your participation.

 Sahyadri Sambhrama – A 2 Day Residential Refresher Program in Sirsi (Uttara Kannada District) jointly organized by Kakinada , Hubballi, Belagavi Branches and Sirsi & Shimoga CPE Chapters of SIRC of ICAI on 17th & 18th January 2020 at TMS Convention Center, Sirsi, Uttarakannada District. Details are presented in this newsletter elsewhere. A bunch of programs like trip to Yaana, Vibhuti Falls, vanabhojana  and trecking on western ghats  are part of the program to refresh the members..

Online registration is open for all these programs and request all members to register at the earliest as number of seats are limited and there is increasing demand due to CPE target requirement.

Change in Wednesday Study Circle

As you are aware, though CPE Committee stopped giving CPE Credit for free programs, we had continued to hold Wednesday Study Circle meetings. It has been well attended by members. However, since members are required to compete CPE hours by December, based on request of many members, it is felt to change the same in to half day seminar to provide more CPE hours on payment basis since November 2019 onwards.

 Career counselling program:

I had visited Vidyodaya PU College ( my college where I studies) on 25th November 2019 along with CA SG Hegde, Convenor, CA Venogopal Hegde Deputy Convenor and CA MS Shetty Sirsi CPE    Chapter and conducted career awareness sessions as part of Taluk Level Commerce Fest and was attended by Commerce Students from 14 colleges in Sirsi.  After a long gap of over 25 years, meeting the lecturers who shaped me during my college days was very heartening experience. I wish members to have similar experience through volunteering to do career counselling programs in the college where you have studied.

 We expect that more members will volunteer in this regard and contribute to reach 100 target events before the  end of December 2019.

 SICASA Annual Conference: 2 Day Annual Students Conference is being organized on 20th & 21st December at Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Bhawan, Kakinada . Expert and eminent Speakers will be sharing their knowledge and experience. I request my professional friends to encourage your students to register and sponsor the needy students for this program.



Before signing off my message, I would like to solicit your continued friendly suggestions and co-operations as always in our efforts to serve for the cause of the profession in our Race for relevance, Ready for radical change and Unleashing the potential.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,




CA Vijay Babu Shankar